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Marketing Services

Retained Digital Advertising

I don’t work with businesses that have a plan all layed out that needs implementation. But I’ll be a digital marketing ally to people needing to figure it out.

Not pulling levers in an advertising platform.
Not following a play book applied to every client.

But being a consultant, an ally to create mighty marketing campaigns.

Ads Campaign Audit

The ad account was set up years ago, run in-house and then an agency pushed buttons for a year or so. But when was the last time a trusted 3rd party took a deep look at what’s happening.

Drifting revenue performance, an inefficient campaign structure or ambitious growth plans. Getting a thorough health check from a marketing consultant could be the solution.

Bringing 13 years of Pay Per Click marketing experience to enhance your campaigns

"I’ve worked with James for many years, he’s very experienced and my go-to for help with digital campaigns, paid search, automation and much more."
"You report back to me. I understand how each of the ads are getting on and why."
Business Owner
“You’re such a positive guy, you always bring your energy to everything and anything”
“Whenever I think of ads, I think of James”


To see jobs created through business growth. By building mighty digital campaigns that strengthen and support your business. Acquiring customers via paid digital ads.


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