Power Lines Cambridgeshire countryside over a field of yellow crops

Ad Spend Diversification

A blog post inspired by the Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram outage Monday 4th October 2021

So when we’re thinking about ad spend it’s too easy to put all the eggs in one basket. To go all-in on Facebook, because it’s working well. To stick to Google Ads because people are searching for what you offer.

When things go wrong how are you going to start up something else quickly? How are you going to adapt and keep people coming to your website? To your offering and purchasing what you have to give to the world?

Having another advertising channel there ready ticking along. Perhaps a 70/30 split, 50/50 or many channels if you have the resources to do so. So that diversity will keep you safe. It will even compound upon itself to some extent. Think of the effects of people seeing you in many places and what that does. “Oh I saw your ad on Facebook. Oh and you’re on Pinterest and then you appeared in Google when I searched again”. That’s a powerful thing, and you can’t always attribute it.

But when one of those channels goes down, underperforms, or the algorithms get turned on their head… You’ll have the other channels there to keep those customers flowing your way.

Tell me about your customers and I’ll happily tell you some ideas of how to reach them with ads.