Fasthosts' Linkedin Ad

Deadline going up in flames?

Fasthosts LinkedIn Ad Text reads

Advert on LinkedIn for the Fasthosts the Internet access and hosting services company. Scroll stopping image of a man with his beard and knitted jumper on fire. Standing out from the much of the same that I see on LinkedIn at least. The format was video slowly zooming out as he brushes the burning embers from this shoulder. This is paired well with the advert copy in the description “Deadline going up in flames?”. Stating the problem. Then continues with how they can help. “Whatever dev life throws at you, our teams are always ready to help with 24/7 support.”

The targeting of the advert for me stated was Interest in developer or something close to that. Fasthosts clearly taking advantage of matching message to audience with the targeting features available in LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

Key Points

  • Scroll stopping visual
  • Problem -> Solution copy
  • Well targeted

View the Fasthosts LinkedIn Ad here

p.s. with the audio on even a nice story element about Jay the developer with too much traffic one weekend to a client’s website.


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