Photograph Cockpit Instruments

Martech & Super Jets

So you have a shiny and expensive bit of tech in your marketing stack. Are you getting the full value from it?

I liken marketing technology such as a marketing automation system, be that Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot or others much like air-planes or luxury jets. Now to get the most out of them you most definitely need a pilot’s licence and to get this you’ll need training, with this you can start to go places; because without that licence you’re just going to be sat on the tarmac in a nice looking jet. So you’re parked up in your jet, maybe it includes some nice seats, beautiful interior hey even a private bar, which is great but it’s not the full value.

What you need is to get some training to fly so you can go places, I mean really go places with your marketing tech and if your team doesn’t have the experience or knowledge to really use the tools at hand… Well your marketing budget is paying for a super jet to sit on the tarmac.

The other option is to contract a pilot who can do the work for you ?

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