holding ice cream in a winter jumper

That’s great, but what’s your offer

I have targeting options at my fingertips on Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook that are extremely granular. They can make sure my ad is in front of the right person. Ok, that’s great but what’s your offer? If you get the offer wrong people aren’t going to click. Steve in Hertfordshire your target customer is not going to care as much about you if it’s the start of winter and you’re showing images of the ice creams in full summer sun. What about Victoria in East London. When she sees your ad trying to get her to commit to a trial or sample if Vic has no idea who your organisation is or lacks any reasons to trust you she will not feel confident to share her details or precious time. If they don’t know who you are, more than likely it’s not going to work.

So think about your offer. Think about your offering. Think about how you can serve your customers because targeting people is the easy part. Giving them what they want and serving them with the correct offering at the correct time. That takes some thought.

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