Hello Gorgeous

The story of the email greeting

Marketing emails start with “hey {FirstName},” <line-break> right? Does that capture the attention, draw the reader in, make them hooked to consume more of your electronically delivered envelope. Story telling was the topic of The Marketing Meetup last night in Cambridge, with the start of a story clearly defined as an important component. Plot twist, Joe at The Marketing Meetup with the Wednesday at 2 club email has been grabbing my attention and bringing me down the rabbit hole with each send when using welcoming statements like the following:

Hey, you lovely person you 🙂
Whad’up you incredible human being.
Hey James, you incredible human being.
Hey James, you shimmering example of humanity, you.
Hey James, you stellar person you 🙂
Hey James, you vivacious character, you.
Hey, you wonderful person you 🙂
Hey James, you convivial cat. Meow.

Each one making me feel connected and ready to part with my precious time to read what’s below, the last one maybe a bit left field, but still I read more.

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