What things do you need to consider when trying to pick a platform for your paid ads? There’s a number of talking points and a number of platforms to pick from, be it Facebook, Google, LinkedIn. But where do you focus your efforts and how do you make that choice?

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What’s the most important piece of your marketing strategy?
Content? Landing page? Emails?
I’d say a clear understanding of the…

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I have targeting options at my fingertips on Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook that are extremely granular. They can make sure my ad is in front of the right person. Ok, that’s great but what’s your offer?

So you have a shiny and expensive bit of tech in your marketing stack. Are you getting the full value from it?

Marketing managers like you have the opportunity to be surrounded by so many metrics from a range of platforms. The use of these metrics should aim to gain insights that can drive positive action.
Marketing emails start with “hey {FirstName},” right? Does that capture the attention, draw the reader in, make them hooked to consume more of your electronically delivered envelope.

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