A business founders intro to mighty metrics with Google Analytics

Excited to talk marketing metrics and get some Google Analytics skills out to more people.

Speaker: James Hume

Day: Thursday 4th March

Time: 10PM GMT

Location CSM Facebook Group

If your looking to learn more about social media and grow your business or organisation with it the community, live events and yearly conference that Cambridge Social Media has put together is a fantastic place to start. I was humbled to come along to talk about Google Analytics on a Facebook live session. The questions from the community got me thinking about the topic of marketing analytics in new ways.

After you watch back the recording I’d hope you’d be armed with the following to become a mighty metrics manager!

  • Ways to install Google Analytics onto your content management system
  • Where to find the metrics you need within Google Analytics
  • How you can track website goal completions
  • A way to tag your campaigns for better insights
  • Knowledge on where to start building your first dashboard


Below I’ve started to include some of the questions and my responses from after the talk once I did a little digging and grabbing of screenshots.

Questions and comments

Totally! Forgot to mention that you can within Google Analytics set your dashboard to be emailed to you on a regular frequency. Screengrab attached. Or if you have lots of data in different places and you want to blend data tools like SuperMetrics and Google Data Studio are great.

Yes if you are likely to need to add a few different tags, so maybe Facebook, Pinterest, Google analytics, Microsoft Ads, Hotjar etc. then a tag manager is a great way to do this without having to use a developer, or find a plugin each time and can make you agile.

Great catch Ali Rice, and explains what I’m seeing for one of my clients. Going from this page its coming in “the near future” 🙄https://support.wix.com/…/upgrading-to-google-analytics-4

So if you are creating a new Google Analytics property to add to a WIX website just remember for now to toggle on the “Create a Universal Analytics property” setting within the set-up process for GA.

Hey Victoria Pailegutu , on top of what I mentioned on the live, I’d also say you can look at

  1. Check how faster your website is loading, if it takes a long time for all the images and text to fully appear on the page this can make people bounce.
  2. Are your pages giving a nice optimised experience on different devices like mobiles, if not again this could be improved to stop people bouncing.
  3. Make sure the content on the page is relevant and what the person expects from that lead them to the page.
    Hope that helps 🙂


Thana Asaad here are some screen grabs on how you would do this using Google Tag Manager and creating goals based on an event rather than a page view.

  1. Create a trigger in Google Tag Manager using the ID of the website form.
  2. Create a Google Analytics event Tag
  3. Check data is coming into your event reports
  4. Create a goal in Google Analytics for when these events happen.